Tambo Gourmet Foods - Fruit Jams & Spreads


Our berry jams are carefully cooked and stirred to perfection,
without the use of Pectin or preservatives.

We can arrange 40 gm jars for your Bed and Breakfast
   all labeled with your unique details.

 We would be happy to arrange a quote for you.

Raspberry Jam 240g
Raspberry & Sugar. No added pectin. Large
Price: $6.00
Blackberry Jam 240g
Blackberry, sugar and no added pectin. Large
Price: $6.00
Mixed Berry 240g
Raspberry, Blackberry, Blueberry & Strawberry. Large
Price: $6.00
Boysenberry Jam 240g
Boysenberry, Sugar. No added pectin
Price: $6.00