Tambo Gourmet Foods - A Grain of Salt

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"A Grain of Salt"  is our range of amazing salt and pepper creations.

We use Himalayan Rock Salt, Dead Sea Mineral Salt, and Celtic Sea Salt to make delightful, healthy blends.

Himalayan salt has been in the earth for over 250 million years and is toxin free. It's safe and more beneficial than any other salt. 
The Dead Sea mineral salt  contains 26 essential minerals.
These salts are very beneficial to our health.
Porcini Salt
Blend of Himalayan Pink Salt, Dead Sea Mineral Salt and Porcini mushrooms.
Price: $7.50
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Organic Truffle Salt 40g
All Australian
Price: $12.00
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Himalayian Rock Salt 100g
Pink Rock Crystals
Price: $6.50
Gourmet Salt Grinders
A variety of wonderful salt blends to enhance all dishes.
Price: $14.50
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