Tambo Gourmet Foods - Cous Cous for Two

Cous Cous

Now available in its own serving container
Cous Cous is a versatile fast food and  an essential store cupboard staple.

   Add hot water and in five  minutes you'll have an accompaniment to meat, fish, cooked vegetables or tagines, or the makings of a hearty salad.
Couscous is a low-fat, complex carbohydrate, meaning it does not produce rapid spikes in blood sugar.
We offer a variety of ready mixed spiced cous cous for either savoury or sweet dishes.
Thai Lemon Lime & Chilli couscous
Beautifully flavoured with Thai spices and extra lemon.
Price: $7.00
Mediterranean Spice
Blended with Moroccan spices, almond, parsley and fruit
Price: $7.00
Tomato Italian Spices
Taste of Italian spices and tomato with parsley and coriander.
Price: $7.00
Date & Pecan
Delightful breakfast combination of fruit and nuts.
Price: $7.00
Coconut Cranberry Cinnamon & Seeds
Can be a balance for any spicier meals or with the addition of yoghurt can be a wonderful dessert.
Price: $7.00